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Our firm has highly specialized personnel in business economics, organization, management and economic and financial planning, trained to support and advise companies in expansion and growth, in the national and global market, as well as to face crisis situations. We assist the company in the restructuring processes necessary to successfully achieve the proposed strategic objectives and, if necessary, to get out of foreseeable or current insolvency situations, collaborating in the modification of the company's organizational, financial and management structures. SOLIUM LEGAL S.L.P. takes special interest in all the support and advice required by entrepreneurs, investors and start ups, in the beginning of the business project, its development, national and international expansion, attracting investment, and / or, where appropriate, sale of the company, and all this, from the closeness and dedication of our services.

Specific services in this area:

  • Preparation of investment projects and profitability studies.
  • Presentation to investors of Business Plan and negotiation protocols.
  • Strategic and Operational Diagnosis of the Company: highlighting its weaknesses and inefficient structures.
  • Elaboration of Feasibility Plans and assistance in their execution.
  • Implementation of management control systems. Integral Management Control. (Financial Management).
  • Annual Budget and Budgetary Control.
  • Assistance in obtaining external financing. Negotiation with Financial Entities and Stakeholders.
  • Advice on the sale and acquisition of companies: valuation and due diligence.
  • Advice and assistance in the operational processes of the company: analysis of accounting and its compliance with accounting law (set of rules governing the preparation of accounting and its presentation to third parties), consolidation procedures for the accounting of groups of companies, implementation of computerized management and accounting systems.
  • Preparation and defense of expert reports in business, financial and corporate conflicts and in any contentious situation, before judicial and administrative bodies.
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