Civil Law

Our specialized department covers all areas related to Civil Law.

We plan, advise and draft all types of contracts and civil legal business: sales, leases, donations, purchase options and put options, bonds and guarantees, reservations of ownership, prohibitions on disposition, etc.

We also provide services in connection with all types of surface rights, building rights, mortgages, pledges, usufructs, easements, domain files, new construction declaration operations, horizontal property, multi-property, groupings, aggregations, segregations and divisions of property.

Family Law, we advise on pre-nuptial agreements, annulment proceedings, divorce, separation, parent-child relations, modification of measures and processing of the liquidation of the matrimonial property regime. We handle procedures to achieve legal incapacity

As for Inheritance Law, we advise on the planning of wills or other succession figures (inheritance agreements, mortis causa donations, trusts), both in Common Law as well as in Foral Law. We also intervene in defense of our clients in legal proceedings related to inheritance law, such as the judicial division of inheritance, contesting of wills, claiming of the legitimate share, etc.

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