This department is in charge of all the services that fall within this practice of law. Among the most outstanding are:

  • Labor law in general.
  • Social Security, mutual insurance companies for occupational accidents, occupational hazard prevention and systems for making working conditions more flexible.
  • Employment Regulation Proceedings and Temporary Employment Regulation Proceedings.

Our professionals are also in charge of proceedings related with General State, regional and local administrations.

Planning of labor relations, with advice on hiring, remuneration and systems of flexible working conditions.

Assistance and representation of companies in colective negotiations (agreements and covenants).

Assistance and counseling to companies in crisis: modification of working conditions, restructuring of workforces (EREs, individual cancellation of jobs, labor mobility), temporary layoffs and other legal instruments that allow adapting social costs to the needs of the company.

Defense and legal direction before the Labor Administration Bodies and before the Social Jurisdiction Bodies in any disputes that may be brought against the company.

Advice and representation in the transfer of companies, insofar as it affects a possible business succession.

Outsourcing and subcontracting of activities.

Labor and social security audits (due diligence).

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