At SOLIUM LEGAL we specialize in Business Law and Economic Criminal Law. For this reason we offer our clients professionalism, efficiency, maximum commitment and solvency, dedicating the utmost attention and involvement to meet our priority: your satisfaction.

Among our main activities in economic criminal law, we are specialized in tax crimes (against the tax authorities, Spanish Social Security and subsidy fraud), corporate crimes (abusive agreements, unfair or fraudulent administration, infringement of the political and social rights of the partners, accounting crimes), insolvency offenses (bankruptcy proceedings and asset stripping), fraud offenses and other crimes against assets (fraud, damages, misappropriation), money laundering, bribery and embezzlement (committed by public officials or members of the judiciary), influence peddling, disloyalty, prohibited negotiations with public officials and corruption offenses between private individuals. Translated with (free version)

We are also experts in crimes against intellectual and industrial property, such as copyright infringement or trademark and patent crimes, crimes related to the market and consumers (price alteration, privileged information and company secrets). We also have expertise in document forgery, crimes against workers' rights (due to accidents at work), urban planning crimes and crimes against the environment.

Similarly, our legal service provides maximum coverage in the economic and financial field, not only in the projection that may have in the criminal defense, but also in the normal running of the company itself, such as audits and consulting on internal control, auditing of national and international subsidies, preparation of feasibility plans, financial advice, economic and financial planning and management control.

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